Estonian Minister Resigns for Insulting Biden

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Estonia’s Home Secretary Mart Helme resigned Monday after calling newly-elected US President Joe Biden a “ garbage ”.


He also questioned the reliability of the US elections. Those comments sparked outrage among his colleagues in the government.

Helme, a far-right member of the national conservative party EKRE, has said he has stepped down to maintain harmony within the coalition, but also said, “you can’t muzzle me, no one can muzzle me”.

The Secretary of Defense and the President, among others, warned that his comments could worsen the relationship between Estonia and the United States.

Mart Helme made the statements on Sunday in a radio program, where he was a guest together with his son Martin Helme, the Minister of Finance. There they claimed that there was fraud in the recent US presidential elections.

“I believe there is no doubt that these elections were faked,” Martin Helme said on the show. His father said the US ‘deep state’ had helped Biden win, calling him a “corrupt garbage” without providing any evidence for his claims.

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