Drones Google Mother are About to Deliver 100,000th Package

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Drones of a subsidiary of the American Alphabet are about to deliver their hundred-thousandth package.


Wing, as the company is called, currently only delivers in Australia. However, drone delivery is currently being tested in the United States and Finland, and the company has plans to expand in those countries.

Like Google, an Alphabet subsidiary, Wing does not yet charge for the delivery of the packages. According to the company, the 100,000 deliveries are really products that have been paid for by customers. Tests are not included. From the busiest hub, near the city of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia, 4,500 packages were delivered in a week in August.

According to Wing, delivering parcels with drones will be much more efficient than delivery with vans in the future. “We are extremely optimistic about our ability to offer this service over time at a lower cost than land delivery,” a spokesperson said.

It could be years before the flying robots replace the parcel deliverer. The drones can currently transport a package of up to 1.5 kilos over a distance of about ten kilometres.

Wing declined to disclose how many packages were delivered to the United States. The company has a testing location in the state of Virginia. Wing previously received approval from the American aviation authority FAA. The United States is still working on regulations for drones.

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