Denmark Bets on North Sea Gas to Reduce Russian Supply

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Denmark wants to reduce its dependence on Russian gas and is therefore focusing on additional natural gas production from its own fields in the North Sea.


This increase in production is temporary, as the Danish government is also fully committed to developing sustainable energy sources.

“We will increase natural gas production in the North Sea for a limited time,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters during a briefing. “We are convinced that it is better to produce gas in the North Sea than to buy it from Vladimir Putin.” According to the prime minister, the extra North Sea gas will effectively enable Denmark to be independent of Russian gas next year. “But since we are part of the European gas network, we also need the other countries to become independent,” she said.

Russian President Putin previously warned Europe that gas supplies would be halted unless the gas was settled in the Russian ruble. Russia was responding to sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia in connection with the invasion of Ukraine.

The Danish government also presented plans to drastically increase electricity production from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy. Copenhagen also wants to introduce a uniform carbon tax on company emissions. As a result, onshore wind and solar energy production should quadruple within eight years. In addition, offshore wind energy production also needs to be significantly increased.

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