Democrat Bloomberg Steps Out of the Primaries

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The former mayor of New York and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg steps out of the Democratic primaries.


He had failed to convince democratic voters that he was the best choice to defeat President Donald Trump in November, despite record spending of more than half a billion dollars.

Bloomberg now gives his support to Joe Biden, he said on Wednesday.

“A viable path to nomination no longer exists,” Bloomberg said in a statement after failing to win in his election debut on Super Tuesday.

He pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into his campaign and expensive TV commercials in just over three months, but his money-based strategy didn’t work.

After Super Tuesday, with primaries in fourteen states, there is no longer any chance for him to secure the nomination, Bloomberg wrote.

If he stayed in the race himself, it would only make the goal of beating US President Donald Trump more difficult, he emphasized.

The 78-year-old performed disappointingly in the primaries in the fourteen states. He only won in Samoa, an outer area of the United States with minimal political importance, and did not win in any American state.

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