Delivery Of Suspects To Britons Continues Despite Brexit

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Delivery of Suspects to Britons continues Despite Brexit. The forthcoming departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union does not mean that the other Member States will no longer have to hand over suspects.


A European arrest warrant issued by the British must merely be executed.

The European Court of Justice ordered that in a case involving a man who was arrested in Ireland at the request of the British in 2016.

The United Kingdom wants to prosecute him for murder, rape and arson.

The man resisted the extradition because of questions about the Brexit.

The Irish judge then presented the matter to the court in Luxembourg.

The court ruled that the announced Brexit is no cause to refuse the extradition, as long as the United Kingdom is still an EU member.

However, the Irish court must review whether there are grounds for considering,

 that after the British exit the suspect runs the risk that his fundamental rights will not be valued. The court finds that they will comply.

The British exit is on 29 March. However, the European rules remain in force during a transition period until the end of 2020 if a final agreement is reached.

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