Daughter of New Zealand Prime Minister Disturbs During Livestream

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It will be familiar to many parents for the past year and a half: a child who suddenly disturbs during a video meeting. Unfortunately, new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cannot escape it either.


She directed her 3-year-old daughter back to bed last night while explaining the new corona rules in a live stream.

Ardern had asked her mother, Neve’s grandmother, to babysit while speaking to her country via a live stream. The toddler manages to ‘escape’ from bed and from her grandmother’s attention, and walks into the room where the prime minister gives her video story. Viewers hear her off-screen asking, “Mommy?”

Ardern looks to the side, disturbed. “You should be in bed now,” said the Prime Minister. “It’s bedtime, honey. So go to bed, and I’ll be with you in a little while.” She then focuses on her audience again. , Sorry everyone,’ she says, but Neve is not so easily put off. Again she tries to get her daughter to her bedroom. “Grandma puts you to bed. Thank you, Grandma!”

Ardern looks a little embarrassed at the camera. “That was a bedtime failure, wasn’t it. I thought: this is the right time for a Facebook live, completely ‘safe’. Do you ever have children who escape three or four times after you put them to bed?” Then she continues her corona story again. According to The Guardian, persistent Neve won, who came to disturb her mother again after a while. “Sorry, honey, it’s taking too long.” The prime minister then told viewers that she would end the live stream.

Ardern is far from the only parent who suddenly sees a video meeting disrupted by her child. A performance by BBC pundit Robert Kelley took off when his two children stormed in a while explaining the situation in South Korea.

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