Controversial Blood Tester Theranos Raises Himself

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Controversial Blood tester Theranos raises Himself. The American blood test company Theranos, which has been scandalized by scandals, has finally ceased to exist.


The company settled this year with the US stock market watchdog SEC in a case involving fraud and deception of investors.

In an e-mail, which is in possession of The Wall Street Journal,

 the once-promising start-up writes itself to be canceled.

Theranos was an eye-catcher in Silicon Valley, also by top woman Elizabeth Holmes.

Because of her love for turtlenecks and bold statements she was often compared to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

There is another criminal case against Holmes.

The company invested millions of dollars in investments for an innovative blood test based on just one drop of blood.

In the end, the technology turned out to be misleading and showed that,

 Theranos performed the majority of its practices with ‘normal’ blood analysis equipment.

Theranos has been forced to stop because his company can not adhere to the conditions for a loan of 65 million dollars.

The estimated $ 5 million that Theranos still has in cash is distributed among other creditors.

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