Congo Declares Ebola has not Yet been Conquered Due to New Cases

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has postponed the declaration of the end of the Ebola epidemic, now that new cases have emerged.


Since Monday, two new infections have been added, bringing the number of new infections to five in a week.

The new sick is a 43-year-old woman and a 28-year-old taxi driver who brought a previous patient with Ebola to the hospital. How the woman got infected is not yet known.

There has been an epidemic in Congo since August 2018. At least 2,200 people have since died of the disease. The latest outbreak is in the city of Beni, in the east of the country.

On Thursday, people took to the streets to demonstrate how the government is trying to combat the disease.

The demonstrators want tests to be conducted in better laboratories in Goma, the largest city in the east of the country, and the capital, Kinshasa. Now all tests are done in Beni itself.

In the east of the Congo, many militias are fighting for control of the many gold and cobalt mines in that part of the country.

Attacks by these armed groups on UN camps and health workers make it difficult for the government and the World Health Organization to combat Ebola properly. The militias attack health workers to create unrest.

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