Chinese and Indian Soldiers Clash Again in the Himalayas

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Chinese and Indian soldiers have again come to blows along the controversial border in Kashmir in the Himalayas.


India’s Defense Ministry reported that over the weekend, China has “carried out provocative military relocations”.

China has contradicted that and claims to have done nothing wrong. Nowhere have the military crossed the ‘line of factual control’, a ceasefire line that Kashmir is currently seen as a border. Beijing is in contact on the matter, the Chinese authorities said.

China and India have conflicts in most places along their ‘border’. In June, dozens were killed in fighting along the controversial demarcation line.

The weekend confrontation was in Indian Kashmir, some of which has been in Chinese hands since the mid-1950s.

The only open war between the two great powers was in the fall of 1962 over this border dispute in eastern Kashmir, some 600 kilometres north of the Indian capital, New Delhi.

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