China is Testing All Residents of the Capital for Coronavirus

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China has started testing all residents of the capital of Qingdao. A handful of new corona infections came to light there on Sunday.


The authorities are not taking any risks and say they have already collected three million test samples from residents.

The government wants to test the entire population of Qingdao within days. About 9 million people live in the metropolis on the east coast. Medical personnel in protective suits have set up tents where people can report. There, long into the night, there were rows of residents who came to be tested.

The infections in the port city are linked to a hospital. The infected persons include (former) patients, employees and their family members. It is still unclear how the virus could spread locally. In the hospital, travellers with the virus are treated in a quarantine ward.

It is not the first time that an entire city has been tested in China. This already happened in Wuhan and people have also been tested on a large scale in the capital Beijing.

China, with 1.3 billion inhabitants, reported a total of more than 90,000 infections, according to figures from the American Johns Hopkins University.

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