China and Russia Seek Easing of Sanctions Against North Korea

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China and Russia are pushing for an easing of international sanctions against North Korea, according to a draft UN Security Council resolution on Wednesday.


The two countries want to “improve the quality of life of the civilian population in North Korea” by lifting trade restrictions on agricultural products, seafood, textiles and oil products. They also advocate lifting the ban on North Koreans working abroad.

It is unlikely that the United Nations Security Council will approve the draft. In recent months, the resumption of test launches of ballistic missiles and other long-range weapons by North Korea is worrying the international community. UN resolutions ban North Korea from testing ballistic missiles.

The regime of leader Kim Jong-un has been causing international unrest for years by working on advanced weapons. Former US President Donald Trump tried to negotiate with Kim Jong-un in 2019, but that did not lead to a breakthrough.

The North Korean regime has, however, repeatedly stated that it wants to get rid of the international sanctions that it is burdened with.

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