Chile Reports the Largest Rise in Corona Infections to Date

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The coronavirus seems to be spreading more and more quickly in Chile. Authorities in the South American country report that 4,895 new infections were detected in 24 hours.


That is the most significant increase so far. Two ministers also tested positive for the virus.

In the country of 18 million inhabitants, some 74,000 infections have been detected so far. The capital of Santiago has been particularly hard hit.

There, riot police received reinforcements from the army last week after riots broke out. Protesters expressed their dissatisfaction with growing unemployment and food shortages.

The government is not spared either. Ministers of Public Works and Energy announced that they were also infected.

The Senate closed its doors last week after three senators tested positive. The politicians meet for the time being via a video connection.

Other countries in South America are also severely affected by the virus. Brazil has reported the highest number of infections worldwide after the US.

In Europe, it is hoped that the worst is over. In many countries, measures are already being relaxed there to prevent the virus from spreading.

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