Aung San Suu Kyi Gets Another Four Years in Prison from Military Regime

Myanmar’s ex-government leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged with election fraud by the junta, state newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar reported.   The army previously claimed that last year’s elections had not been fair and therefore staged a coup in February. No details about the charges have […]

President-Elect Joe Biden Also Wins in Arizona

President-elect Joe Biden has also dragged into the state of Arizona. Various American media report this on Thursday (local time), and Edison Research predicts.   The victory in Arizona brings Biden to 290 electoral votes, while 270 is needed to win the presidential election. With 99 percent of the vote […]

Bickering Over Fraud Allegations US Postal Worker

An employee of the Pennsylvania state postal service, the US Postal Service (USPS), denies having retracted his allegations of electoral fraud.   Insiders had just told the Washington Post newspaper that the man, Richard Hopkins, signed a written statement under oath recounting the allegations of fraud. The Washington Post was […]

Donald Trump Jr. Appears Before Capitol Storming Commission of Inquiry

In the United States, unrest seems to be growing now that the election results are delayed. Demonstrators have taken to the streets and arrests are reported in various places.   Large-scale unrest did not materialize during election night, although this had been taken into account. Several states had National Guard […]

Trump to Judge to Stop Sensitive Documents Capitol Storming

US President Donald Trump seems to have a tailwind in the presidential election. American media assigned the sitting president the swing states of Ohio, Texas and earlier Florida around 6 a.m.   He also won those states in 2016, but the Democrats hoped to capture the states from the Republican. […]