North Korea Fights Covid-19 With Tea and Salt Water

North Korea is struggling with an outbreak of the coronavirus and is resorting to very striking remedies. State media recommends hot drinks and saltwater, among other things, to the population to combat the symptoms, the BBC reported.   Until more than a week ago, the authorities maintained that the isolated […]

North Korea Fires Unidentified Projectile

North Korea fired an “unidentified projectile” on Thursday. That’s what the South Korean military says. Pyongyang thus continues a series of launches since the beginning of the year.   “North Korea fired an unidentified projectile in an easterly direction,” the South Korean chiefs of staff said in a statement. The […]

China and Russia Seek Easing of Sanctions Against North Korea

South Korea will tackle North Korean defectors who send propaganda messages across the border.   These are often pamphlets criticizing dictator Kim Jong-un that is attached to balloons or launched into bottles. Kim’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, recently called the defectors “scum” and “dirty street dogs” who betrayed their homeland. […]