France Captures French Terms for Video Games

In France, some forty new terms have been established that should give gamers’ English professional jargon a French equivalent. Stop saying cloud gaming, but say jeu vidéo en nuage.   Video games have long ceased to be a niche product and they feel that too in the south of our […]

French Also Called on to Leave Russia

French people who have no urgent reason to stay in Russia are advised to leave the country if possible.   The government in Paris advised this because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Netherlands already made the same call on Monday, as did Germany and the United States. Spain […]

French Freedom Convoys Start Journey to Paris

The first French truck drivers who wanted to hold a large demonstration in Paris against the corona measures on Saturday left Nice on Wednesday. Local authorities said a series of trucks with an estimated 150 protesters on board left early Wednesday morning. According to the organization of the national protest, […]