France Captures French Terms for Video Games

In France, some forty new terms have been established that should give gamers’ English professional jargon a French equivalent. Stop saying cloud gaming, but say jeu vidéo en nuage.   Video games have long ceased to be a niche product and they feel that too in the south of our […]

Gas Price in Europe Drops Slightly

After a few days of price increases, the gas price in Europe is going down. Buyers are looking at how to meet Russian requirements without violating sanctions against the country.   The gas price on the Dutch futures market – the benchmark for the price of natural gas in Europe […]

Zelensky and Von der Leyen Meet on Friday in Kyiv

The meeting between Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will take place in Kyiv on Friday.   Earlier this week, it was already announced that von der Leyen would travel to Ukraine. The date was announced by a spokesperson for Zelensky. He declined to […]

Eurozone Economic Growth is Slightly Higher in the First Quarter

Invading Ukraine threatens to force Russia to leave the Council of Europe. One leader says that the treaty organisation monitors human rights in Europe threatens to suspend or even expel Russia for the “brutal rape” of its principles.   The Dutch chairman of the parliamentary branch of the Council of […]