Cannes Police Officer Attacked with Knife by Man Acting in the Name of Prophet

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In the southern French city of Cannes, a police officer was attacked Monday morning by a man with a knife who he said acted in “the name of the prophet”.


The assailant was shot by another officer and is in a life-threatening condition.

The incident took place at 6.35 am: a police officer was driving a vehicle in front of the police station when the attacker opened the car’s door and stabbed the officer “at chest height”. According to police sources, the officer was “saved thanks to his bulletproof vest”. The man is said to have shouted during his attack that he was acting “in the name of the prophet”, according to French media.

The attacker then moved to the other side of the car to attack a second officer who was in the car but was shot by a third officer. Although the perpetrator is in mortal danger, more details about the man are not yet known.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has already indicated that it is considered a terrorist attack and will immediately go to the scene. “I will go there immediately and give all my support to the National Police and the city of Cannes,” it said on Twitter.

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