British Prime Minister Excludes Second Brexit Referendum

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British Prime Minister excludes second Brexit Referendum. No circumstance is likely in which the United Kingdom holds a second referendum on UK exit from the European Union.


Prime Minister Theresa May declared this on Friday after State Secretary Jo Johnson of Transport stepped out of dissatisfaction with Mays plans for the Brexit.

“The poll in 2016 was the largest democratic event in the history of this country,” stated a May spokesman.

“We will by no means hold a second referendum.”

Jo Johnson (46), the younger brother of Conservative party icon Boris Johnson,

 voiced his strong criticism of May’s Brexit policy when announcing his departure.

They consist of “delusional images,” he notices. Johnson,

 who, in contrast to his older brother, voted in 2016 to continue a member of the EU,

 predicted “the biggest crisis since the Second World War” and insisted on a second referendum.

Johnson is the fourteenth politician who has left a ministerial post since last November.

He is not the only one who puts May the fire on the shins.

Her own Conservative Party is divided up to the bone over the plans.

Northern Irish tolerance partner of May is also bothering
The highly conservative Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland,

 which contains May’s minority cabinet with the tolerance of its ten parliamentarians,

 also said on Friday that it did not examine the current Brexit proposal to be acceptable.

If there is a vote in the House of Commons, the DUP will not support the plan,

 said party leader Arlene Foster in an interview.

Although Brussels and London both say that the agreement on the Brexit for 95 percent complete, there is still no divorce deal.

The most challenging point in the discussions, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, remains a breaking point.

It is assumed that the PM will organize a cabinet meeting later this month to convince its ministers of its Brexit plans.

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