British Newspapers Scathing for Boris Johnson After Publishing Partygate Report: No Shame

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticized in British newspapers on Tuesday after publishing top official Sue Gray’s report on the lockdown parties in Downing Street. “A lack of leadership,” it sounds at Metro. The Mirror, in turn, talks about “no shame”.


Even the Tory-loving newspapers don’t spare Johnson. “Yes, Prime Minister, you have made a mistake. Make it right now,” writes the Daily Express. The Daily Mail is demanding that Gray’s full report be made public because, for now, it is only an “update”. The Times emphasized that Johnson was involved in four of the parties that the police are investigating.

The Guardian, in turn, addresses Johnson’s party members directly: “If the Tories decide to keep Johnson in power after this debacle, they are proving that they have no regard for standards of public life or integrity in parliament .” Several newspapers also emphasize that the scandal harms the country.

In her report, Gray stated that Johnson and Downing Street have “failed in their leadership and judgment” on several occasions. Johnson apologized to parliament for this but refused to resign.

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