British Former Minister Lord Carrington Died

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British Former Minister Lord Carrington Died. The former British minister of foreign affairs Lord Peter Carrington has passed away. The Conservative Carrington was 99 years old and sat together in the 1950s in a cabinet with Winston Churchill, reports GOK News.


He stepped up in 1982 after Argentina had invaded the Falkland Islands. From 1984 to 1988 he was Secretary General of NATO. He then succeeded Joseph Luns.

Carrington was captain in the British 30th Army Corps and led the tanks with which the Waal Bridge at Nijmegen was conquered. On the other view of the bridge, he stood with the Americans who had crossed the river with a boat against the German occupiers.

Market Garden failed because the Allies could not get the next bridge over the Rhine near Arnhem. Carrington has been several times at Market Garden commemorations.

At the fiftieth time, the later NATO boss said: The saddest thing about Operation Market Garden is that we have not got any further after taking the Waal Bridge. “

As NATO chief he felt that military intervention should only take place as a peace mission. “I was aware that in post-war Europe we were never allowed to make the same mistakes again.”

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