British Employees are at Home Due to Pandemic

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Companies in the United Kingdom have sounded the alarm about staff shortages as more and more employees have to be quarantined at home for a week and a half. British media speak of a pandemic, referring to the quarantine call that people receive via the official health app if they have come into the picture as contact of an infected person. The rules for healthcare providers are now forced to be relaxed.


Sky News reports that last week more than half a million people were told to isolate themselves. That number could rise even further now that the number of corona infections in the country is rising sharply. The government has lifted virtually all restrictions effective Monday. Health Minister Sajid Javid previously acknowledged that the number of new infections could rise to 100,000 per day, more than doubling the current situation.

Companies say that employees are already sitting at home en masse after being warned via the official app. CEO Steve Rowe of the department store chain Marks & Spencer called it “a big problem in every sector” in The Times. He estimated that 20 percent of retail workers could end up in home quarantine within a month. Rowe warned that store opening hours might have to be adjusted because there are not enough employees available anymore.

The business community is pushing for a policy change, according to The Guardian. Employers’ organization Confederation of British Industry wants, among other things, that the isolation obligation for people who have been fully vaccinated will be cancelled immediately. The government has already planned such a relaxation, but only from August 16, and that is taking too long for companies.

The term pandemic is a contraction of the words ‘pandemic’ (pandemic) and ‘ping’, which means sending notifications to telephones. It keeps the mood in the country very busy. The Guardian wrote about a ‘Pinging Hell’ last week. A recent poll commissioned by The Telegraph found that a third of citizens want to remove the health app from their phones or have already done so.

To prevent significant problems in healthcare, the rules are now being relaxed there, Sky News writes. Healthcare providers who have been called to go into home quarantine may continue to work under “exceptional circumstances” if they are fully vaccinated. However, they must first undergo a PCR test and then do a daily rapid test.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also cannot escape the ping demic. He came into the picture during contact investigation after Minister Javid had tested positive. There was a great outcry last weekend after it was announced that Johnson would not have to go into full home quarantine because he would participate in a pilot project and be tested daily. After a wave of angry reactions, the government withdrew after a few hours and announced that the prime minister would still go into self-isolation in his country house Checkers.

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