Boris Johnson: Women in Burqa Look Like Bank Robbers or Mailboxes

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Boris Johnson caused a furore today by declaring that women who wear a burqa or niqab look like ‘bank robbers’ and ‘letterboxes’. The former foreign minister broke that down in his newspaper column in The Daily Telegraph in response to the niqab incident in Denmark.


A week after his resignation from the British government, former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson went to work again as a columnist for the Euro-critical newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

In the column that appeared today, he wrote down the hard words. Johnson wanted to make it clear that a headscarf, burqa or niqab is ‘oppressive’ for women. Thereby he also went to regimes around the world where the woman is oppressed by the man and is obliged to wear a headscarf.

“If a student goes to school or university and she looks like a bank robber: the person who holds the authority should have an open conversation with the person in question and ask why she wears that headscarf and whether she can take it off.” , Johnson adds.

The ex-minister of Foreign Affairs also emphasised that he disagreed with Denmark’s decision to ban the burqa and niqab. He, therefore, warns the country against flare-ups of radicalism. He advises the government leaders of Great Britain not to issue a total ban on headscarves.

Johnson’s words appeared a day after a 28-year-old woman from Denmark was fined for refusing her niqab after a police order. That penalty came under new laws in Denmark that prohibit the wearing of a full veil in public space.

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