Big Fire In Europe Park In Germany Under Control

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Big fire in Europe-Park in Germany Under Control. In the Europa Park in Germany, a big fire raged on Saturday night. The fire spread initially, but now the fire department has the fire under control, reports Forbes News.


Reported that fire started to broke out first in the storage room at the Pirates of Batavia attraction, in the Dutch theme area.

According to the director of the amusement park, Michael Mack, the attraction must be considered lost. The fire would have dangerously damaged Even the Norwegian theme area.

Some fireplaces still need to be extinguished. The park declared that there are no injuries as far as known.

Approximately 25,000 people visited the Europa-Park on Saturday.


The fire broke out around 18.20. In the first instance, visitors could still go to a few attractions, but in the end, everyone did evacuate the park.

The park could not say anything about the cause of the fire.

The German theme park, which is Germany’s largest in Germany, was opened in 1975 and is located some fifty kilometres south of Strasbourg. It also attracts many Dutch visitors.

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