Biden: Criminally Separated Migrant Children From Parents

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Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden has lashed out at the Trump administration’s former policy of separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents.


Biden called those policies “criminal” during the latest election debate. Trump argued that the policy in question dates back to the Obama period.

The third segment of the debate was about American families, and moderator Kristen Welker discussed family divorce policy. Biden then opened up the attack on the Trump administration head-on.

The United States started to separate migrant families in May 2018. After widespread disgrace at home and abroad about images of crying children in cages, the government decided to stop the practice after six weeks, except in cases where the parents were “a risk” to their children.

Biden insisted that more than 500 children have still not been reunited with their parents. President Trump said the family divorce policy dates back to the Obama era. “He built the cages, we changed the policy,” said the president, who has never made a secret of his harsh approach to illegal migrants.

The third segment also addressed the health care system and socio-economic inequality. Trump blamed Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi for still not having a corona support package.

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