Biden and Leader Australia Discuss China in the First Meeting

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New US President Joe Biden has made his first phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia.


They talked about China, the coup in Myanmar, the corona pandemic and the fight against climate change, the White House reports.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said afterwards that Biden assured him that he sees Australia’s relationship as the basis “for peace and security in our region.”

Australia and the US are allies, but after President Donald Trump took office in 2017, this turned out to be no guarantee for a good relationship between the countries’ leaders.

Trump called his first call with then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull “by far the worst phone call” of the day with a world leader, the Washington Post wrote. Trump would have gone astray for Turnbull asking him to honour old agreements about the US taking over refugees.

The conversation between Morrison and Biden probably went better. The Australian Prime Minister called the conversation “warm” and “interesting”.

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