Bickering Over Fraud Allegations US Postal Worker

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An employee of the Pennsylvania state postal service, the US Postal Service (USPS), denies having retracted his allegations of electoral fraud.


Insiders had just told the Washington Post newspaper that the man, Richard Hopkins, signed a written statement under oath recounting the allegations of fraud.

The Washington Post was not contacted by Hopkins, who has since responded in a video on YouTube. Hopkins contradicts that he has reversed his accusations. “I am here to say that I have not withdrawn my statement. That has not happened,” the paper quotes from the video.

Hopkins had alleged that an executive in the town of Erie instructed employees to backdate late-sent letter votes to make them count.

Hopkins’ claims have been referenced by senior Republican politicians, who, along with President Donald Trump, the election loser, argue that there was a rigged card and are legally challenging the outcome. Any evidence does not yet support Hopkins’ claim.

The 32-year-old USPS employee is said to have admitted to postal inspectors that his earlier claims are not valid and has signed a written sworn statement withdrawing the allegations, multiple sources say. A parliamentary committee confirmed that the postal worker has formally withdrawn his charges.

President Trump’s campaign team doesn’t trust it. A spokesperson suggested Hopkins may have been forced to retract the statement. “He accurately described what he went through. And we don’t know how much pressure he has been under since he made those statements.”

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