Belarus Introduces Death Penalty for Attempted Terrorism

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Belarus has imposed the death penalty for attempted terrorist acts. Russian media write that President Alexander Lukashenko signed the decree on Wednesday.


Belarus accuses some members of the opposition of attempted terrorism. They were charged after they tried to sabotage parts of Belarus’ railway lines so that Russian soldiers could not cross their country to Ukraine. According to the president of the Belarusian parliament, it is unacceptable that the activists were trying to cause instability and conflict.

Lukashenko is one of the main allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin during the war in Ukraine. Minsk says it is not involved in the war but acknowledges that Russian troops reached Ukraine through Belarusian territory.

People in Belarus could already face the death penalty for brutal murders, multiple murders and terrorist acts that resulted in deaths. Three weeks ago, parliament approved the imposition of the death penalty for attempted terrorism. The law will take effect in ten days.

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