Beijing Urges the US to Stop Demonizing China

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Beijing on Monday urged the United States to stop “demonizing” China. The Chinese government requested a working visit by US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to the Chinese city of Tianjin.


“We urge the United States to change its most misguided and dangerous policy,” China said in a statement. According to the statement, the US sees China as an “imaginary enemy”.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that there is no longer any movement in the relationship between the two countries and that the relationship is running into major problems.

China was accused last week by the US, among others, of being responsible for a large number of cyberattacks after thousands of government agencies and companies were hacked through a leak in Microsoft’s email software. China denied the attacks, saying that the US is the “biggest source of cyber attacks in the world”.

Sherman arrived in Tianjin on Sunday. Later this week, she will also have a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Sherman is the second top official from the cabinet of US President Joe Biden to visit China after climate envoy John Kerry.

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