Baby Dumped in Garbage Bag in the Netherlands is Buried, Mother and Father Still Not Found

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The dead baby, who was found in a garbage bag in Wernhout in the Netherlands last May, was buried on Tuesday.


The farewell meeting and funeral took place in a small circle, Joyce Vermue, mayor of the municipality of Zundert, said on Facebook. “If we ever see a shooting star, we’ll wish it were you.”

In May this year, the dead baby was found in Wernhout by a man who was walking his two dogs there. The body was wrapped in a garbage bag. The police were immediately called in and quickly moved out with large equipment. Officers, forensic investigators and a helicopter mapped the situation and secured traces.

An investigation has shown that the baby was killed by violence. But the identity of both the girl and her parents is still completely unclear. The investigation, which is being conducted by the Large-Scale Investigation Team, is therefore still in full swing. Police have received more than 25 tips about the case.

The deceased baby has been given a name: Amélief van het Ven, also known as Amy. With this, the finder, the municipality of Zundert, the police and the Public Prosecution Service wants to “give her the attention and respect she deserves”.

The baby was found at Wernhoutsburg Park. Tips are still welcome, the mayor emphasizes in her message. A search message was previously shared in Polish.

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