Arrests for Looting Art Treasures in Dresden Germany

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Almost a year after a significant art theft in Dresden, Germany, the police arrested three suspects.


That happened in the capital, Berlin, where agents raided homes and garages. They are looking for evidence and the stolen art treasures.

The trio is suspected of being involved in the burglary of the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault), the treasury of the museum in the Residenzschloss.

They entered the building through a window and took among other things jewellery. The loot was worth hundreds of millions of euros by some estimates.

Sources say the suspects belong to a large Arab family that has also been linked to similar crimes. This would include the robbery of an enormous gold coin from the Bode Museum in the German capital. Two men have been convicted for this.

Authorities say some 1,600 agents will be deployed on Tuesday morning.

The central operation in Berlin is also expected to lead to traffic problems in the metropolis. The suspects are brought to trial during the day. They are suspected of gang robbery and arson.

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