Apple Returns Controversial Parler App to App Store

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Apple is allowing a modified version of the controversial social networking app Parler to return to the App Store.


Republican Congressman Ken Buck shared a letter on Twitter confirming Apple’s news.

Via the American platform, which is especially popular with the far-right, Trump supporters would have been called on to use violence in the storming of the Capitol in Washington in early January.

After the storm, the app was therefore blocked by Apple, Google and Amazon.

In the meantime, according to Apple, Parler has made enough changes to the app to undo the ban. An Apple team that assesses whether apps adhere to company policies has approved a modified version of Parler.

Parler has suggested updates. With these proposed changes, the app will be allowed in the App Store again, ‘the letter said.

Messages posted on the Parler app will be moderated differently from now on. It is still unclear exactly how this works. It is not yet known when the modified version of the app will be available.

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