Apple Buys Classical Music Streaming Service Primephonic

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Tech giant Apple has enlisted Primephonic, one of the best-known classical music streaming services. The Primephonic catalogue will be added to the offerings of Apple’s own music service, Apple Music.


Music lovers with an Apple Music subscription can look forward to a “greatly enhanced classical music experience with Primephonic playlists and exclusive content”, according to the fruit brand. In the coming months, Apple Music will be expanded with the ‘best features’ of Primephonic, such as the browse function, search filters (including composer and repertoire) and extensive metadata.

In addition, Apple would also like to release a separate app for the classic genre, which builds on the interface of Primephonic.

Primephonic has been around for three years now and has a loyal customer base. “But to reach the next stage of our mission, we need to bring our expertise to millions of listeners worldwide,” the statement said. On its own, the classical music streaming service would never have succeeded in doing so. ‘Especially the audience that also likes to listen to other music genres was difficult for us to reach. That’s why we decided to join forces with one of the major players in the streaming business, offering all kinds of music.’

From now on, users can no longer subscribe to Primephonic, and on September 7, the service in its current form will be completely taken offline. Instead, existing Primephonic subscribers get six months of free access to Apple Music, after which they can sign up for the current price of 9.99 euros per month.

According to Apple, the classic albums are all offered in Lossless format and high-resolution audio, with several hundred albums also available in Apple’s Spacial Audio quality.

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