An investigation into Facebook Delayed by European Lawsuit

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An investigation by the European Commission into Facebook is delayed by a decision of the General Court of the European Union.


Requests from the Committee for information, which, according to the social media platform, contain “highly sensitive person” employee data have been suspended for the time being.

The investigation, launched last year, focuses on how Facebook handles user data and on market practices of the American tech giant that may violate European competition rules.

Facebook claims that additional requests for information from the Brussels authorities are “comprehensive in nature” and asked the court to suspend earlier this month.

The president of the court then determined that it must first be ensured that the confidentiality of the information provided is guaranteed.

Facebook has offered to show sensitive information in a secure digital environment to the EU, but according to a source, it was denied.

If the court has heard both parties, a final decision will follow on Facebook’s suspension request. An appeal to the European Court of Justice is still possible.

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