American Woman Stabs Pit Bulls Who Attacked Her 1-Year-Old Daughter

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On Sunday, a mother from Pico Rivera, California, stabbed her two pit bulls to death with a knife when the animals attacked her one-year-old daughter. The child and three family members were injured in the fierce attack.


The animals, which came to the family as puppies and were now about 3.5 years old, apparently became excited on Sunday when the girl burst into tears for unknown reasons and started biting her. “When I got into the kitchen, I saw my two daughters and my son trying to hold off the dogs,” grandmother Margaret Ann Morales told local TV station KABC.

“Finally, my daughter got up, and then I saw my granddaughter. A dog was holding her left leg. I squeezed my hand between his jaws, and then he let go.”

However, the dogs kept attacking. Finally, the mother stabbed the dogs to death with a kitchen knife. The three women all suffered wounds and, like the child, had to be treated in a hospital. In addition, to bite injuries, the girl also suffered a broken hip in the incident.

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