American Deputy Minister Rod Rosenstein Submits A Resignation Letter

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American Deputy Minister Rod Rosenstein submits a Resignation Letter. Rod Rosenstein, the United States Deputy Justice Minister, handed in his resignation letter to President Trump on Monday.


Rosenstein appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller in 2017 and for a long time,

 he was responsible for investigating ties between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s election campaign.

In a letter to Trump, Rosenstein mentions to two of Trumps winged statements.

He addresses that he has filled his department with people who are “committed to the values,

 that make America great” and that they have “always put America first.”

The resignation of Rosenstein has been anticipated since the appointment of Justice Minister William Barr on February 14.

Rod Rosenstein has held the position of Deputy Minister of Justice for two years and will remain in his post until 11 May.

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