American Court Will Prosecute Amazon for Abuse of Dominant Position

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The Washington DC Attorney has started prosecuting Amazon. According to prosecutor Karl Racine, the American online store giant has abused its dominant position.


According to the prosecution, Amazon’s behaviour and market share demonstrate Jef Bezos’ company’s intention to build a monopoly. Amazon would prohibit independent providers from selling their products more cheaply on other trading platforms.

And that leads to an abnormal price increase, it sounds. Racine is demanding compensation as well as measures that should make the practice impossible in the future.

The public prosecutor clarified a few things via a series of tweets. Amazon has used its dominant position in the online retail market to win at all costs. The company maximizes profits at the expense of outside sellers and consumers, who have to pay artificially high prices. And all this while competition and innovation are harmed, and they unlawfully tilt the market. ‘

In recent months, there have been several competition complaints against American tech players. For example, the US Department of Justice and several states have sued Google. That company would have abused its dominant market position for searches.

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