Amazon Builds Data Center in Spain

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Amazon will invest 2.5 billion euros in constructing a new data centre in the north of Spain. The building should be operational within a year.


The new location will open in mid-2022 and will be located in the Spanish region of Aragón, which lies between Barcelona and Madrid. According to Reuters, 1,300 people will work there.

It is not known how many of these are effectively involved with the data centre itself and how many with supporting services (such as physical security).

Amazon’s investment is spread over ten years and covers construction, the purchase of the machines, and the people’s wages.

For Amazon, it will be the southernmost data centre in Europe. According to Reuters, AWS has been present in Spain since 2012, although the country is only indicated as a future region on AWS’ data centre maps.

Until now, it may have been AWS services that ran through other data centre players, but the company is now taking the step to its own region.

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