Air Cargo Conference on the Transport of Corona Vaccines Has Started

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A virtual conference on air freight on Tuesday will be about the transport of corona vaccines. The American vaccine maker Pfizer, human rights organization UNICEF and airline Air France-KLM is represented at the Air Freight Conference.


One of the topics discussed during the congress is responsible for the distribution of corona vaccines to developing countries.

The role of air freight is essential in combating the corona pandemic. According to the international aviation industry association IATA last month, air freight fell by almost 11 percent in the past year. This decline was more substantial than other forms of freight transport.

A lot of air cargo is normally carried in the hold of passenger aircraft, but due to the travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic, there was much less flying, and there was, therefore, less room for air cargo. Various airlines, including KLM, use passenger planes themselves to transport cargo.

Nevertheless, the capacity remained below that in standard years.

Air France-KLM will present its experiences with distributing the vaccines at the conference. For example, keeping the vaccines at the right temperature during transport is discussed. The virtual conference organizer is ProMedia, publisher of trade journals for mobility, traffic, and transport.

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