21 Security Officials Killed in a Military Group Attack in Mali

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21 Security Officials Killed in a Military Group Attack in Mali. The armed forces of the armed forces Colonel Aqa Musa attacked the military camp in the African country Mali, resulting in 21 soldiers killed.


According to the International News Agency, 21 soldiers were killed in an attack on armed uncles and motorcycles on a military base in Mali area of the western African country.

The military’s military says the attackers could belong to a military soldier, Musa’s military group. Awaa Musa was felicitated at the post of Colonel in the military army, and he has set up an army group by separating from the army.

Government sources say that the government-supported armed forces have hijacked the attack on the armed forces group, but the casualties and financial losses caused by this attack were too high, forced to flee the attackers of Manhra group.

It is clear that various insurgent groups in the financial field are struggling armed forces, due to which the situation of peace is very intense when operations of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Aagha Musa militant group have also increased.

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