1 Million Workers Wanted in the UK: Thousands of European Workers Left Due to Brexit

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The United Kingdom is looking for as many as one million employees. “Hundreds of thousands of European employees have left because of Brexit and Corona.


There is a fear that the economy will slow down if the deficit is not eliminated.

Since yesterday, the restaurants and pubs in the United Kingdom are completely open again, and you can go to the gym, the theatre and the cinema again. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ambition is to lift all corona measures by June 21. And that means that the economy is gradually being revived.

But there is a downside: the enormous shortage in the labour market. According to estimates, no less than 1 million employees are being sought, says our correspondent Lia van Bekhoven.

Hundreds of thousands of European workers have left because of Brexit and Covid. In addition, people used last year’s lockdowns to start their own business “, says van Bekhoven.

The big question now is, will the UK find that a million workers? “Probably,” thinks van Bekhoven. The main question is whether the British want to do the work of all those (Eastern) European workers.

It involves cutting asparagus, picking strawberries, the catering industry, health care, education. For the time being, it seems as if the British are skipping those jobs. That they are very picky, so they will have to do a lot more to attract Europeans again.

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